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June 27 2016


Huntsville Is Getting A New Indoor Go Kart Racing Facility

A go cart racing Huntsville facility is scheduled to open July 8th. This indoor go kart racing venue will add one more level of entertainment for the residents of Huntsville, Alabama. An indoor racing facility is not affected by the weather so families or groups can plan a go kart racing event and not have it ruined by rain or snow. There are plenty of excitement and adrenaline rushes while racing around one of the two indoor tracks at speeds nearing 50 MPH with plenty of curves to add interest. This new facility will also be available for corporate team building activities birthday party ideas Huntsville events, parties, leagues, and camps.

Allen Baler

The new indoor go kart racing Huntsville facility will be using top quality Italian made electric go karts known for their good design, dependability, quality, and high performance. While customers wait to take part in their races they can enjoy refreshments and social activities. There are safety rules in place to keep everyone racing safe. All racers are required to view a safety video and read a list of safety rules before using the go karts. People wanting to race must wear closed-toe shoes for safety. There are size requirements for all racers. Junior racers must be at least six years old and 48 inches tall. Adult/teen racers must be at least 12 years old and 56 inches tall.

How Does This Facility Work?

When people arrive, they go to the registration desk and fill out profiles and then proceed to the sales counter to pay for their upcoming races. Racers wait in the spectator area until their names are called. Then, racers go to the pit area to prepare for their race. A staff member will brief racers on go kart operation and safety measures, then assist them with head sock/helmets and getting strapped into their karts. When the track is clear from the prior race, the track operator will direct racers in single file onto the track. A warm up lap at reduced speeds will help racers get familiar with the go kart operation and the track. To start the race the track person will open the karts to full speed and the race begins. The racers go a designated number of laps around the track and when the race is finished they exit the go karts and get a race report at the pit kiosk. The race report includes lap times, best lap, RPM points, and place of finish. For more information, go to the website. 

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